Rhymes and Fairy Tales

The story behind the story

The Wolf at the Third Little Pig’s House

He’d huff and he’d puff and he’d roar

While the three pigs just laughed on the floor.

But the wolf was the winner,

He had them for dinner—

They’d forgotten to lock the front door.


She danced all night long at the ball,

With her prince, who was handsome and tall.

But the next day, oh woe!

She stubbed her big toe,

And the shoe didn’t fit her at all.

Humpty Dumpty

I was looking for something to munch,

When Humpty fell down with a crunch.

Pulled him out of the gutter,

Whisked him up with some butter,

And made me an omelet for lunch.

Sleeping Beauty

The prince through the forest came creeping.

When he saw her, his heart began leaping.

But she woke to his kiss,

And said, “What is this?

You’re so ugly, I’d rather be sleeping.”

The Wolf’s Lament

Red Riding Hood tasted like jelly

But Grandma was crunchy and smelly.

Oh, why did I cheat ‘em,

And why did I eat ‘em?

They made me quite sick to my belly.

What the Other Lambs Said

She may think she is pretty and cool,

But she’s still just a sheep and a fool.

And her “fleas” may be white,

But they still jump and bite,

And we hear she gets bad grades at school.

The Old Lady Who Lived in a Shoe

When it rained, ‘twas a terrible dousing,

So she went for some shopping and browsing;

Bought more shoes at the stores,

Cut out windows and doors,

And got rich on affordable housing.